Diamond Earrings: 1.07ct Total Weight Oval Studs R986
Diamond Earrings: 1.07ct Total Weight Oval Studs R986
Sam Spade Special Earrings!

item #R986

1.07ct Total Weight Oval Diamond Earrings

Item #R986
Let's start with the diamonds- a good thing to do if you're making stud earrings.
These guys come from our old friend Sam Spade- it's not easy to sift thru hundreds of carats and come up with the desirable pairs.
This guy is so old, the biggest cutters feel like they have to let Sam have his way.
In the case of stones for earrings, this is a great combination of color and clarity. They're a nice color- H, and eye clean SI2- which makes them less expensive than VS clarity stones.
On the ear SI2 is perfectly acceptable- these SI2's are actually nice enough for a ring.
6.17 x 4.40mm

There's no GIA report for these stones. We include our comprehensive insurance appraisal free of charge.


6.31 x 4.48mm

Of course a large department store or a television jewelry selling channel, can't buy diamonds the way we do- one at a time ( or two).
I was thinking of going on one of the shop at home channels to our sell our stuff. I mean, I'd like to be on TV, I'm not that ugly.
The problem is NOT that women and children run screaming when they see me.
The problem is NOT that I'm the size of Connecticut. No, the reason we could not sell on TV is that they want to sell 100 of something.
There's no way to make 100 pairs just like this in a short period of time. It's simply impossible to find enough diamonds.
You can find hundreds of carats, but I am quite particular when it comes to cut and matching.
Invariably, when looking thru the parcels of diamonds to find stones like these, I see many "dogs"- for me the only aspect that makes me call a diamond a bow-wow is cut. When the cut's bad, everything else is in the crapper.
So I could look thru 100 carats at the cutter, and find 5, maybe 10 pairs like this.
Similar color and clarity. Similar profiles. Close to 1.00 total weight ( .07 over).
So this would not be the type of thing you could sell ( or buy ) on HomeShoppersClubNetwork.
Round diamond studs would be easier, but those too must be chosen with care.

Here's the lovely 18karat white gold studs- they are substantial. The backs are tight around the posts.

The price is by no means cheap- yet, when you consider the quality, and services we offer- such as trade up- our price is well below typical jewelry stones, and our quality above.

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Price: $2,995.00


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