Diamond Earrings: .64ct TW Princess Cut Diamond Studs in luscious Yellow R2026
Diamond Earrings: .64ct TW Princess Cut Diamond Studs in luscious Yellow R2026
Diamond Stud Earrings: Natural Fancy Yellow Princess Cut
Color: Natural Fancy Yellow
Report: No GIA reports on these- comprehensive appraisal included free of charge.
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.64ct Total Weight Fancy Yellow Princess Cut Diamond Studs
Item #R2026

ITEM #: R2026
18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

SHAPE: Princess Cut
COLOR: Fancy Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 3.60 x 3.60 mm

18Karat Yellow Gold

Natural Yellow Diamond Stud Earrings

We're a large user of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds- we sell quite a few. So we have an inside line to some great looking Natural Yellow Princess Cut Diamonds.



In this case, we bought a huge "Parcel"- or group- of diamonds.

Since we took a large percentage of the production, we got an amazing price.

The reason we did not buy all? Cut. The color was quite nice on the ones we rejected- but you can feel very comfortable that if the diamond passed through our sieve-like quality control, it's well cut.

Great sparkle.

The photos above are the actual pair of earrings you will receive.

18Karat Yellow Gold Studs

We use heavy duty friction- push - backs. We find them most comfortable.

Screw backs available on request

How is the way we sell different?

What you see when you look at Diamonds by Lauren.com you'll see actual photos of actual diamonds we possess.

We could sell our diamonds to jewelry stores.

Instead we offer them to folks like you.

We're completely the opposite of someone selling with a list. We select our diamonds one by one. We buy them from the people that cut them.

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Price: $1,495.00


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