Diamond Earrings: Natural Orange and Pink Diamond Halo Dangle GIA R3911
Diamond Earrings: Natural Orange and Pink Diamond Halo Dangle GIA R3911

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Natural Orange and Pink Diamond Halo Dangle Earrings

GIA Report on each triangle


It started with a pair of vibrant Trilliant cuts

I was over at one of our principle suppliers of Fancy Colored Diamonds. My buddy, who runs the US office of the company, shoves these under my nose as soon as I walk in. Knowing I'd be interested. They know me well.

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It's a super cool pair. They don't match exactly, but boy, do they compliment each other!

How cool. Fancy Intense Orange-Yellow, and Fancy Intense Yellow-Orange. When GIA assigns a fancy colored grade, the modifying color comes first. The stone on the left, in the photo above, is the Yellow-Orange. Orange being the primary color, and yellow the modifier.

Yellow is the primary color in the stone on the right- with orange being the modifier.

Both stones show orange- but the one on the left is simply brighter orange.

Orange is one of the rarest colors in diamonds. The stone on the left is worth more than double the stone on the right- simply because the orange is so very pure. It's the rarity that got my attention, but the really nice look that captivated me.

Then I started dreaming up ways to set them....

The image

The image

Pink came to mind as a nice counterpoint to the orange.

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ITEM #: R3911
18Karat White, Yellow and Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

  WEIGHT: 0.19ct
  SHAPE: Trilliant
  COLOR: Fancy Intense Orange Yellow
  MEASUREMENTS: 3.99 x 4.47 x 2.09 mm
  GIA COLOR REPORT #: 2125908509

  TOTAL WEIGHT: 0.26cts
  SHAPE: Round Brilliant
  COLOR: Fancy Brownish Pink

  WEIGHT: 0.19ct
  SHAPE: Trilliant
  COLOR: Fancy Intense Yellow Orange
  MEASUREMENTS: 3.98 x 4.12 x 1.83 mm
  GIA COLOR REPORT #: 1122908679

  18Karat White, Yellow and Rose Gold

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I wanted to outline the rounds, and the trills to emphasize their shape. For the round diamonds, I chose a bezel. Then micro pave around the trilliant stones

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I'm pleased with the results. Of course it's not about how I love them- it's about you- how would they look on you?


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The earrings have friction backs. Screw back are available at no charge


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Price: $4,995.00


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