Diamond Wedding Band: Pink Gold with Natural Pink Diamonds Precision set SO3290
Diamond Wedding Band: Pink Gold with Natural Pink Diamonds Precision set SO3290

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3/4ct Fancy Pinkish  Eternity Diamond Wedding band

ITEM #SO3290

ITEM #: R3290
14Karat Rose Gold Wedding Band

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

14Karat Rose Gold

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Here's a sweet pink gold/ pink diamond wedding band. We sell quite a lot of pink diamonds, and have amazing sources for them. The stones are bright and lively- and most important, convey that pink shade we love so much.

The stones are a little more than .02ct each on average. They are selected using very tight tolerances for size. That's required to manufacture this high level of fit and finish in a channel setting.

These are precision set from extruded pipe.  Imagine a pink gold pipe- slice off the end, and that's the raw "blank" we start with to make this ring. It's totally "comfort fit" with an extremely "soft edge"

The ring in the photos was sold, we make these to order in your size. The finger size determines the number of stones, which determines the final price. We have priced the ring based on a finger size between 6 and 7

We can make them in virtually any size. You may also choose to have us use larger diamonds.



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Price: $3,595.00


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