Gents Semi Mount Ring: Uber Quality Heavyweight Platinum/18kt Ring-your design or ours SO3991
Gents Semi Mount Ring: Uber Quality Heavyweight Platinum/18kt Ring-your design or ours SO3991
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The World's Finest Men's Ring ( Arguably)

 Item SO3991

This listing is for the ring mount only in size 10- center diamond not included.

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Each ring is custom made. The stats are for the example shown, which weighed 26.5grams.

ITEM #: R3991
Diamond Gent's Ring

WEIGHT: 1.14ct
SHAPE: Oval Shape
COLOR: Y-Z, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.40 x 5.44 x 3.53 mm
GIA REPORT #: 14768744

Currently sized at: 15
We will ship the ring in your size.

The world's best???

 OK- that's too general a claim- but I can say this ring is as well made as any men's ring- anywhere.

The ring is amazing to the touch.
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The image

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In person it's quite "flashy"- in a good way- it's just so shiny. The white and yellow playing off each other. The "seam" where the platinum and white gold are joined- is immaculate- even under extremely close scrutiny.

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The image

When we designed this ring, my initial thought was a simple 18kt yellow gold E-W oval ring.
Then the idea of sheathing the ring with platinum was introduced.
I never even tried to figure the cost. I was a little shocked when I found out how much it was.
But there's no price for quality like this.
Hard to explain, but it's worth it.

I initially had in mind a wedding band- and indeed, it is perfect for use as a wedding band.


Custom Made- and you can design it.

Say you think this ring would look better reversed- platinum center, yellow gold sheathing.

Or, maybe you'd like a brushed finish.

Maybe you'd like a colorless diamond- a larger one, or a smaller problem.

 Instead of center diamond, maybe you want a bunch of diamonds burnished into the ring...maybe even crazy natural colored ones.

Point is, is up to you. Ask us to make something like the ring you see here.... or tell us what you're dreaming of.

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Where is this ring made?

This ring was manufactured in New York City.

To achieve these results, you need a combination of things. A highly skilled workforce is only the starting point. Specialized tools are required. The reason that the parts join together so well is because the parts were designed, and polished using a microscope..

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The image

The methods used for welding involve working in as sterile an environment as possible- while focusing acutely on specific areas using a microscope. This comes into play heavily on a ring of multiple metals, such as this one.

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Price: $5,900.00


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