Halo Diamond Ring Special: .75 Cushion Diamond Halo Ring 18kt white gold R2728
Halo Diamond Ring Special: .75 Cushion Diamond Halo Ring 18kt white gold R2728

Our company's comprehensive appraisal included. There is no GIA report on this one..

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.75ct Cushion Diamond
18kt White Gold Halo Micro-set Ring
ITEM #R2728




Here's an absolutely drop dead gorgeous Cushion Diamond. It's near colorless- showing a slight tint at times.


 Personally, I love these softer colors. It's like an antique in it's own way. Plus, the "soft white" colors cost a bundle less than the more intense yellow, or colorless diamonds. I don't equate the price tag with beauty. A stone does not have to be the most expensive, or "best" quality, to be the most beautiful.

This diamond is the perfect example why looking at the lower colors makes great sense for some folks.

The cut is such an important aspect of any diamond.

This remarkable diamond combines old and new elements. To me, it combines a lot of what I love about an emerald cut, with elements of a round. There is both sparkle as well as glitter.


The center diamond has a very cool personality. The shape is pleasing and organic.

Another great aspect of this cut is that it looks pretty large for it's weight.

The setting is pure artistry.  Two delicate looking supports gracefully arch up to hold the top of the ring. This allows space so that you can wear this one right next to a wedding band.


The entire look is dainty and feminine in it's own way.

The ring looks great on the hand.


Normally, we manufacture all of our rings in our own factories, right here on 47th St.  In this case, we purchased the ring intact, because we love the style, and the manufacture quality is up to our high standards.  We'll guarantee the ring just the way we do the ones we make.


The grades below are ours. There is an EGL report calling the center diamond J SI1. We respectfully disagree with that result- and in fact, never advertise a diamond as "certified" without a grade from a GIA report.

ITEM #: R2728
18Karat White Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 0.75ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 5.82 x 4.68 x 2.98 mm

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

18Karat White Gold

Currently sized at: 6.5
We cannot adjust the size of this ring.

Lab Report There is no GIA report on this item. The diamond has an EGL report, which we disagree with. We will include that if you request. We  include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

The listing is for the engagement ring only- we do have an optional matching wedding band available.

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Price: $3,395.00


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