SOLD....Loose Diamond: 1.01ct Antique Style Cushion - Modern Precision I/VS2 GIA R4290
SOLD....Loose Diamond: 1.01ct Antique Style Cushion - Modern Precision I/VS2 GIA R4290

Original GIA report and our company's comprehensive appraisal included.

1.01ct Old Mine Brilliant Cut I/VS2 Diamond

Item #R4290

GIA Report

ITEM #: R4290
Old Mine Brilliant Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.01ct
SHAPE: Old Mine Brilliant
MEASUREMENTS: 5.93 x 5.56 x 3.80 mm
GIA REPORT #: 1132694512

Original GIA Report ships with item. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?


Old diamonds are very popular. Many older stones have been re-cut over the years. In fact, demand outstrips supply. A few select cutters re-create older cuts - some do it very well.

We have our own branded Antique Diamonds - cut to increase perceived body color.

With this stone, the goal was the opposite - to reduce body color. The cutter met that goal - in stunning fashion. The stone is cut to modern precision. It really bounces a lot of light around, even in low lighting.

The color on this stone has been graded "I" by GIA. The stone really looks colorless by and large, but there are times when it shows just a hint of warmth. It is a really lovely stone that looks very bright.

The clarity on this stone is a very nice VS2.

If you are interested in this diamond, give us a call. You will be purchasing with a money back guarantee, so you are sure to end up satisfied!

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond you will receive.


We have some beautiful options available for this gorgeous stone- such as the semi mount below


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Price: $5,495.00


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