Loose Diamond: 1.21ct G/SI2 Emerald Cut GIA- Let us lend you an eye Four Step Top R3185
Loose Diamond: 1.21ct G/SI2 Emerald Cut GIA- Let us lend you an eye Four Step Top R3185

Original GIA Diamond Report, and our company's comprehensive appraisal included


1.21ct G/SI2 Emerald Cut Diamond
GIA Report

ITEM #R3185

ITEM #: R3185
Emerald Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.21ct
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 6.83 x 5.29 x 3.61 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2111096578

Original GIA Report ships with diamond.  We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?


Amazing steps on this 1.22 Emerald Cut Diamond. The diamond is graded G/SI2 by GIA. When it comes to Si2 Emerald Cuts much care must be taken. If the imperfection has unlucky placement it will be plain as day looking at the stone. Of course you'd want to consider SI2 if you're looking for the best bang for the buck. It's a good strategy if you can find a way to buy an eye clean one. We can assist you in that.

In terms of natural and location of imperfections, this is one of the best SI2's you'll find. It's even hard to see the imperfections on the GIA plot. There's no way you'll be able to see any imperfections in person.

I'm loving the cut here. It's got a lot of personality- with mesmerizing "steps". Part of the reason they are so distinct is the fact that the top has four steps- many emerald cuts have only three steps on top.

Please consider us at your disposal. The entire resource of our factories, well trained in the manufacture of jewelry for fancy shaped diamonds, such as this emerald cut.


This diamond is sold loose, but we would be delighted to help you design and manufacture a fabulous setting for it.

You will approve the design, and side stone selection.

When we need to find side stones, we have an extensive selection to choose from.

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