SOLD....Sapphire Diamond Ring: 1.66 BLue Oval Bedazzled with Diamonds R2778
SOLD....Sapphire Diamond Ring: 1.66 BLue Oval Bedazzled with Diamonds R2778

Our company's comprehensive appraisal included. There is no GIA report on this one..

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1.66ct Sapphire and Diamond Ring
ITEM #R2778

This is a gorgeous Ceylon Blue Sapphire. It's incredibly deep in color while still possessing a sparkle that comes from deep within.

The band is an elaborate affair- 105 small round diamonds set into it.

Yet it's designed to be worn on a daily basis.

The setting work is impeccable- the ring feels smooth in spite of all the diamonds set into it.

We could have made this cost ring hundreds less- IF- we sacrificed the quality of the setting work. Then there's the little round diamonds. We could find I-J Color SI2 diamonds to save money. If you wanted that, you probably would not be here. If you want to see how dazzling high color VS diamonds can be- you love the finest things- this might be for you..



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ITEM #: R2778
14Karat White Gold Sapphire Ring

WEIGHT: 1.66ct
STONE TYPE: Sapphire
SHAPE: Oval Shape
COLOR: Ceylon Blue
MEASUREMENTS: 7.50 x 5.60 mm

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

14Karat White Gold

Currently sized at: 6.25
We will ship the ring in your size.

Lab Report Our comprehensive appraisal is included with every purchase. There is no GIA report on this item .



In the photo on the right, you can see what I'm talking about.

The Sapphire on the left is quite a nice one. Believe it or not, in this particular case, the Sapphire on the left had a higher price than the stone on the right- which is the stone I chose. It's making it's new owner very happy as you read this.

Sparkle is the type of Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds we carry.


Our stones are all NATURAL - including this awesome Sapphire.

This one's a great example of the sparkle I love combined with a deep rich color

Thanks for stopping in.

Many Natural Sapphires, including this one, are heated during the cutting and finishing process.

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Price: $2,725.00


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